Introduction of stethoscopes

Stethoscope is a handy tool used by doctors to listen the internal sounds of the human body. Doctors and nurses using stethoscopes can listen to the intestines, heart, blood flow and breathing of the patient.

The stethoscope was first invented by the doctor named Rene TheophileHyacintheLaennc . He first used a hollow wooden tube to listen the heartbeat of female patients. He had discovered that hollow wooden tubes amplify the body sounds.

He called his invention as “stethoscope” which is a Greek term where “stethos” means chest, “scopeeien or scope” means examine. Later Dr. Maurice Rappaport and Dr. Sprague designed a more refined and scientifically tuned basic model of stethoscope. Today the same concept is modernized to get accurate stethoscopes in different types.

There are two types of modern stethoscopes acoustic and electronic. The acoustic ones are efficient and most popular type of stethoscopes used by doctors and nurses on a regular basis. The electronic stethoscopes are advanced stethoscopes having many features to accurately diagnose the patient.

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